Our Pre-IPO Fund Focus

Investment Size

We specialize in providing $500,000 to $3,000.000 in capital to small cap companies.


We invest in small cap companies raising less than $100 million in their IPOs and going public in 12 months or less. We are industry and sector agnostic, but rather we focus on impact companies.

Investment Structure

We invest using a convertible note that converts at or after the IPO to common stock.


Because of our investment structure we can move fast getting you funded in as little as two weeks from the time we agree on terms (assuming the attorneys cooperate, which is a big assumption).

About Our Company

Small Cap Pre-IPO investors
We provide cash for "going public" fees

We know the last thing a small cap company wants to do is spend $1 million of their precious cash on going public expenses like legal and accounting fees. Frankly, its the worst possible time to be spending your cash on anything other than activities that add value to the company like sales and marketing. Thats where the HM Pre-IPO Fund can help out. We will provide the funds you need to pay all your going public expenses and possibly some extra working capital so that you can have the best IPO possible.

  • We Understand

    Our founder raised a pre-IPO round for his own company he took public in 2003. We understand your side of the table.

  • Liquidity

    We understand the importance of liquidity after the IPO and have resources to help.

  • Win-Win-Win

    We realize that your current investors, our investors and your IPO investors all need to win for us to work with you.

  • We love small caps

    All large cap companies started as Small Caps. We specialize in Small Caps and love what we do.


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Paul Hickey

Paul has a long history of financing Small Cap companies, starting with his own in 1998. He co-founded Hickey Freihofner Capital in 2005 focused on taking international companies public in the U.S.
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Sandra Manning

Sandra heads up research and operations. Details are her thing.
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Tyson Kampenhout

Senior Analyst
Ty’s been involved in small cap companies for 12 years.

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